realworld PhDs

A resource for job hunting PhDs.

RealWorldPhDs was founded out of a recognition that there are only limited resources available for graduate students and advanced degree holders, especially for those considering employment outside of the tenure track.  Although we would love to work one-on-one with everyone who visits our site, we also want to make sure that everyone who visits us finds something that can help them to develop their career.

Job Hunting Resources

Job hunting is tough - don't go it alone!  Although there is a lot of truly ridiculous career advice out there, the internet is also a great resource for job hunting, for everything from how to write a resume to how to manage your own staff.  Check of some of these great websites for advice on job hunting, career development, and job skills:

· Excellent advice on crafting resumes and cover letters, as well as a free online guide for interview prep.

· General HR advice and professional/corporate culture information.

· How HR processes work/what to expect from professional recruitment and onboarding.

· The innovation@work blog of the MIT Sloan School of Business.

· Not strictly recruitment/jobseeking, but good advice for how to develop new skills, how to expand your network, and how to deal with major life changes.

PHD-Specific Resources

In the last decade, more and more PhDs and advanced degree holders have started to branch out professionally, creating new forums and resources for those considering doing the same:

· An online community of flexible and former academics, including forums for both humanities and sciences, and job postings.  There are also Versatile PhD meetings in some cities.

· An extension of the employment section of the CHE, Vitae now offers articles and forums, including an alt-ac and flexible academic group.

· Part of the #alt-academy publishing project, featuring resources for alternative and commons-friendly publishing options.

· Online community for “graduate students, terminal degree-ers, and other doctoral folks.”

· General graduate and early career academic blog, which features a number of alt-ac and post-ac postings.

· Features an alt-ac subgroup, including advice and blogs.

· Community of post-ac and alt-ac bloggers and ‘quit-lit.’

·         UC Humanities Research Institute: As part of a Mellon-funded project, the UC schools are putting together biannual workshops on ‘Humanists at Work,’ which will be available online for free for non-UC students.