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AAR-SBL 2016

Just a quick post to say that I'll be at the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in San Antonio this Saturday through Tuesday.  I'm happy to set up appointments for anyone who wants to go over their resume or run some practice interview questions before their interview in the employment center.  I'll also be leading a roundtable (as part of the student lounge series) on job hunting and hiring from an HR perspective on Sunday at 1pm in room 225D at the Convention Center.  I'm excited to meet some new faces!

Ronin Institute Unconference: The Future of Careers in Scholarship

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been invited to present at the upcoming “unconference” hosted by the Ronin Institute on “the Future of Careers in Scholarship.”  The purpose of the conference is to discuss the current challenges to academia, including the increasingly competitive traditional academic job market, the rise of adjunct faculty, and the shift towards running universities “like a business,” as well as some of the advancements opening up new directions for scholarship, like electronic access, new tools for communication and collaboration, and the rise of “citizen science.”  

I’ll be speaking in the morning on some of the challenges I’ve seen and experienced working with terminal degree holders, like gatekeeping among traditional academics and limited job hunting resources for careers outside the tenure track.  I’m particularly excited about the “unconference” format, though - it sounds like it will be a more free-form program, with smaller breakout sessions based on participants’ questions and interests.  I feel like this is a particularly good model for talking about career planning and development, as it’s such a personal topic, and everyone’s experiences will be slightly different. This open format will hopefully allow for conversations to coalesce around the particular issues facing the participants, rather than remaining purely in the realm of the abstract.

Anyone in the Boston area with an interest in modern scholarship should definitely come along - the conference in this Saturday, November 5th, starting at 10am at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square.  You can register online here or find out more about the Ronin Institute here.