realworld PhDs

A resource for job hunting PhDs.

Welcome to RealWorld PhDs, a resource for graduate students, post-docs, early-career researchers, and PhDs from all fields seeking employment both within and beyond the traditional tenure track.  Our mission is to provide effective career consulting and job hunting resources to help graduate students and PhDs harness the full potential of their training and skills.


About the Founder

Jessica Ehinger started RealWorld PhDs in 2015, after several years of offering ad-hoc career consulting, resume editing, and interview prep services to friends and colleagues.  She took her undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations (specializing in Arabic & Islamic History) and her Masters and PhD at Oxford University in Theology (specializing in the Late Antique and early Islamic periods of Christian and Islamic history).  Although committed to continuing her research, she started in graduate work uncertain that a tenure-track position was for her, and disappointed by the lack of broader career development resources available to graduates and early-career researchers.

In addition to her academic training, she has more than a decade's worth of experience working in administration and advocacy for universities, nonprofits, and political campaigns.  She has organized recruitment programs for positions ranging from interns to senior faculty and executive management, and coordinated five graduate admissions cycles for Oxford University.  Due to her familiarity with the particular challenges facing graduate students and PhDs in job hunting, she has spoken on job hunting and employment at the American Academy of Religion, and published on 'alt-ac' employment and broadening PhD job hunting and career development resources for the Chronicle of Higher Education.  She strongly believes that graduate education can and must train students for a range of potential futures in order to remain viable, and that all graduate students and PhDs have opportunities both in and beyond the traditional tenure track.